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These videos were made with previous versions of Art and Stitch - still useful though!

Each video is just a few minutes,

so watch them all for a real quick start in the program.

e. How to use Creative Background fillers.


d. How to use a motif or (cross) hatching around an applique.

Note: in later versions  "Combine" has been renamed into "Merge".

a. Getting started with Art and Stitch

b. How to trace a background image

c. How to apply motif patterns


f. How to be creative with

"Transform Artwork - Unite"


g. How to setup a full quilt


h. Another example of a full quilt layout


i. Meandering Anything:

how to use Power Copy


j. How to create a feather wreath


k. How to create feather borders using "Transform"


l. How to create redwork / continuous line quilt patterns


n. YouTube movie:

How to create Motifs



How to draw / trace in Art and Stitch

 and then quilt with Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher

m. How to export images of quilt tops from ElectricQuilt and use those to layout the quilt patterns in Art and Stitch

Videos made with previous versions of Art and Stitch

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