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Judy Allen and her twin sister Joanne Flood - New York State and New Jersey - of Judy Allen Feathers. 

Their specialty is how to digitize the beautiful "Judy Allen Feather style" (Addendum 01). Judy is the author of the book "The Art of Creating Feathers".

For more information visit her website:


Jack M. Stewart - of Jack's Magic Stitches, Corunna, Ontario -   Jack was an expert in digitizing very detailed patterns. He has written Addendum 02 for the Art and Stitch User Guide showing The Making Of this detailed antique Metz car design. 

Jack will be in our hearts forever.

Julie Crossland - Hudson, New Hampshire - at

Julie is gifted in many aspects of quilting and uses Art and Stitch to create pieced quilt blocks (Addendum 05).  Her half square triangle patterns are used in many settings and blocks.  She continues to explore new patterns.

Teachers are listed alphabetically by their surname.

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Scroll down to the end of this page for more documents with special techniques.

The authors don't offer classes (anymore), but the documents are well worth reading

Linda Matteotti  - Tempe, Arizona

Linda lets you play with TrueType Fonts and Dingbat Fonts in Art and Stitch. She shows how to create continuous text designs and how to turn Dingbats into quilt patterns (Addendum 09). Linda has also digitized a very nice and useful font that can be opened from the Library.


Linda is a Handi Quilter educator. For class information please visit her website:

Mary Beth Krapil - Orlando, FL

Mary Beth's Specialty (addendum 10)  is creating borders and matching corners in Art and Stitch.  

She explores the various types of borders and shows different ways to create matching corners.


Mary Beth is a Handi Quilter educator. For more information please visit her website

Carol Best - of Rochester, Minnesota - has a professional quilt business "Simply The Best".

Her Specialty Technique (Addendum 15) is Beyond the Mouse - drawing on a Tablet for Art and Stitch, describing how to use a tablet to draw or trace designs that can then be opened as vector artwork in Art and Stitch. Carol's addendum also describes how to create an e-Catalog for your tablet, so that you can present your entire pattern collection to your customer wherever your are, and also search your collection by (partial) design name.

Carol loves to travel and is available to teach Art and Stitch classes nationwide but also in one-on-one online classes. Contact her via her website:

Marjorie Busby - of Carrboro, NC, pattern designer and expert in AccuQuilt Go fabric cutter and electronic cutting machines.

Specialty Technique (Addendum 21):  Applique techniques in Art and Stitch.

Majorie made several YouTube movies about applique too.


Contact information: 


Addendum 20  "Creating a DXF cut file from an Embroidery FIle" can be doiwnloaded from Marjorie's website. Please contact Marjorie for a link.

Iris Noitalay - North Carolina 

Iris developed a great way to create beautiful panto / e2e patterns in Art and Stitch: her Puzzle Panto technique (addendum 23). Her addendum describes the process from start to finish. Example paths en puzzle pieces are included in the Library of Art and Stitch.


Michele Vangraan - Destin, FL


Michele, a talented and experienced graphic designer, quilter and teacher described in her Addendum (26) how to create continuous line landscape designs, to be used as fills in Art and Stitch. One landscape fill can be used to create multiple designs. Very impressive!


Michele can be contacted via her website

Class info can be found here:

Videos can be found here:

Aggy Burczyk - living in Italy, is a professional quilter and teacher, and works for Bernina International in Switzerland, in the Development team of the Bernina Q-series.


Specialty Technique (Addendum 28):  Creating a Wholecloth Quilt in Art and Stitch and BERNINA Q-matic.


Contact information:

Amanda Murphy 

Quilt and Fabric Designer, Author of popular quilt books, BERNINA Quilting and Longarm Spokes-person.

In her addendum (29), Amanda walks you through her design process, from the initial fabric design, and quilt design, to piecing and quilting, including the design of coordinating quilting collections and a wholecloth quilt in Art and Stitch!

Amanda is sharing four of her Spool designs in ANS format: included (zipped) with the downloadable Addendum 29 at the top of this page.


Join her in her Facebook group where she posts quilting videos and tips.

Marilyn Strowmatt - KKs Gifts Quilting Studio, Hillsboro, IL

Marilyn has sewn all her life and began quilting in the 80's. As a military wife  she began sharing her “gifts” of knowledge of crafts she had learned in the many places they had lived, by teaching sewing, machine embroidery, and several digitizing programs. Teaching, designing patterns, quilting and custom embroidery designs, and creative quilting for her customers is her passion.  
Her Addendum (30) describes the technique of creating 3D fringe embroidery designs in Art and Stitch PLUS.

Information about her classes can be found here:

Click here to visit Marilyn's Facebook page.


Apart from Longarm quilting, Linda has another passion: Zentangle. And she has now written an extra Addendum (31), "Zentangle Inspired Quilting with Art and Stitch", a perfect combination of two passions. You can download the addendum at the top of this page. It is Addendum number 31.

Robin Hrabik  - North Ridgeville, OH

Apart from being an Art and Stitch Certified Teacher, Robin is Certified Master Trainer for Innova's Auto Pilot software, and is the Sales Manager for Accomplish Quilting.


Her specialty is designing on a large scale for Innova's Grand Format Embroidery, and she loves being able to embroider on a longarm quilting machine.

Her addendum (32) describes how to create a large banner in Art and Stitch, sent as Applique to finish on the Innova's Grand Format Embroidery.


You can contact Robin via her website


Cindy Alley, located in State College, PA, is a Certified BERNINA Q-matic teacher. Her specialty technique (Addendum 33) is "stacked reverse applique": several layers of different colored fabric, with a top layer. From that top layer shapes are cut out into one or more of the lower layers of fabric, resulting in reverse applique. It's a bit like the old Mola needlework technique, created in Art and Stitch and stitched on a computerized longarm.

You can contact Cindy via email: calley76 @   Website link coming soon.

More downloadable Special Techniques


The authors do not offer classes (anymore) but you can learn a lot from their documents

Brenda DeCook - Byron, MN - longarm quilter: "I love using A&S as a tool for creating quilting designs but see it as so much more; I modify purchased designs, audition designs, test compositions of designs and I really like creating projects that can be stitched on my Statler quilting machine. Her Special Technique (Addendum 16): Auditioning quilting designs with Art and Stitch.


Georgette Dell'Orco - Quilter's Niche - Georgette, not a teacher of Art and Stitch, donated a beautiful quilt pattern set for the Art and Stitch Library, folder Designers Collection. In the PDF you will find inspiration how to use the designs of the "Celebrate Spring" collection.


Kari Schell - Minneapolis area 

"How do I quilt this" is a daily challenge for many longarm quilters. In her addendum Kari shows how to analyze a quilt, see the spaces and shapes to be quilted and she takes you through a check list to find the best quilting ideas.


For class information, but also her very helpful blog and videos also a teacher for Elect (Kari is also a teacher of Electric Quilt) , visit her On Point Quilter website:

Karen Hogan - Tasmania

Her introduction: "After purchasing my first longarm a HQ Infinity in 2015 and discovering I had Art and Stitch my whole world of quilting changed. I was mesmerised at what a powerful tool I had. As a fast learner, I delved in teaching myself every aspect of this unique program. Realising every function has good purpose and finding interesting ways to use them. I love love, digitising so much that quilt top making has been taken over by digital wholecloth designing and quilting. To design an entire digital wholecloth, that not only is a design but quilt-able as an entire digital design taken to my machine as a full bed size quilt of 80” square is a dream come true.


I am now looking forward to my new adventures inspiring and teaching throughout the world, with my first trip from Tasmania Australia to the USA at MQX Quilt Show, where my wholecloths will be on display. I hope to see you in my classes someday."

Enjoy exploring Karen's digital & quilting adventures @karenhogandesign on Facebook & Instagram
Online wholecloth class available & hands on classes email
spkahogan @
Quilting patterns available direct email above or at


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Certified Teachers

Susan Smith and her son David - Bainbridge Island, WA 

Susan shows various ways to make applique patterns in Art and Stitch. Want to learn how to do raw edge applique,  turned edge applique on your longarm, use Motifs instead of a blanket stitch as finish? Susan walks you through the techniques in Art and Stitch step-by-step.


David Smith - Bainbridge Island, WA 

Intimidated by the Bezier tool? Or didn't you even try the tool at all? Then you will love Addendum 18 of David Smith, showing how to use the Bezier tool. Follow the exercises in his addendum and start your own Bezier experience.


Krys Swirydczuk, Santa Fe, New Mexico - "My first love as a quilter was longarm quilting of whole cloth trapunto quilts but with Art and Stitch as a tool I have diversified and am always looking to try new ideas". Check out  addendum 11: Introduction to Dimensional Quilting 

Links to other Art and Stitch teachers: 


Betty Stoltenburg, specialized in training for Bernina Q-matic and Art and Stitch -