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Welcome to Art and Stitch 

quilting / design software for longarm quilters

and machine embroiderers


One program, one learning curve, two levels:


Art and Stitch BASE for longarm quilters and

Art and Stitch PLUS for machine embroiderers

(and longarm quilters)

Have you ever wanted a quick way to do real custom work, offer one-of-a-kind quilting services? Use your own designs based on the theme of your customer's quilt? Or digitize a sketch of your customer and use it on her quilt top? Or create art quilts?

Become an artist with the powerful, user friendly Art and Stitch program.

Art and Stitch HOME

Art and Stitch BASE 

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Text on a path
Magic Lace
Stitching the cutwork
Stitching the lace
Battenberg Lace
Hardanger embroidery
Hardanger result

 Easy Slice method (here puzzle slice line used)

Art and Stitch PLUS

Our top level Design software for machine embroiderers

 (and longarm quilters)


Art and Stitch PLUS is vector-based, professional, yet easy to use embroidery digitizing software.

In Art and Stitch PLUS you will find functions not seen in any other embroidery program!


Art and Stitch PLUS includes all of Art and Stitch BASE, plus lots of wonderful embroidery tools.


If you don't have Art and Stitch BASE, you can purchase the full Art and Stitch PLUS program.

If you already have Art and Stitch BASE, then you can purchase the PLUS Level separately, to turn BASE into PLUS.


For an Overview of the extra features in Art and Stitch PLUS (on top of what's in Art and Stitch BASE) click here and see that you simply MUST HAVE this program!


Oh, by the way: Upgrades of Art and Stitch PLUS are free :)