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Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part A - Embroidery Digitizing Basics

A.1 Main Window - Art and Stitch PLUS in a Nutshell.

[5 min 44 sec]

A.4 Tracing an image and using a special way to draw and slice for perfectly matching regions.

[7 min 4 sec]

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part B - Embroidery Fills

A.6 Auto-Stitch, a wonderful program part that turns a good quality image (solid colors) into a true vector based, editable, embroidery design. [5 min 32 sec]

B.1 Multiple Angle Fill in combination with shading effects (Color Blend). A truly professional design really doable for people like you and me. [5 min15 sec]

B.7 Fancy Fill tool - to create Embossing effects, with an explanation why stitch direction is important.

[5 min 16 sec]

B.10 Fur effects - the easy way to change settings and the advanced way of creating multiple overlapping layers and using the mutiple angle fill tool.

[6 min 48 sec]

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part C - Magic Cross Stitch

C.2 - Creating Cross Stitch designs using the Cross Stitch Wizard in menu Edit is clicking on Next, Next, Next and Finish :).

Result is stitch based.

[4 min 51 sec]

C.3 - Vector based cross stitch with the Magic Cross Stitch tool. Two types of artwork are shown. Vector based means that the result can be edited afterwards.

[3 min 58 sec]

C.10 - And another way to create cross stitch designs, using the Cross Stitch Line sew type.

[3 min 51 sec]

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part D - Magic Lace

D.2 / D.3 - One of our flagship features: creating freestanding lace. [5 min 35 sec]

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part E - Magic Cutwork

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part F - Magic Hardanger

D.6 - How to create lace stitching around holes.

[3 min 24 sec]

D.8 - Battenburg Lace! Stitched on water soluble stabilizer only and just too easy to make in Art and Stitch PLUS. [5 min 15 sec]

E.2 - E.5 - Richelieu cutwork. Create your own cutwork designs - really doable with Art and Stitch PLUS. Our unique Magic Cutwork tool creates all the layers you need. [9 min 6 sec]

F.2 - F.5 - Magic Hardanger. A world's first feature in Art and Stitch PLUS.

The typical open corners of Hardanger designs are made with this special tool, creating all layers for you. [8 min 43 sec]

Video tutorials following Embroidery Manual Part G - Text and Lettering

G.1 - G.4 Using the Text/Lettering program in Art and Stitch PLUS. This video shows how to use the various handles and controls of a selected text object to resize, rotate, change spacing, slant etc.

[8 min 58 sec]

G.6 How to create circle text. A quick, short video. Short, just because it is so easy in Art and Stitch PLUS :)

[2 min 26 sec]


G.7 Be creative with Text on Path and learn how to create your own text path too.

[7 min 07 sec]