Design Software for Longarm Quilters

and Machine Embroiderers

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User Guide BASICS can be opened in Art and Stitch via menu Help.

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1.2.1 Getting Started,

first exercise.

Showing the base principle of Art and Stitch. [8 min 10 sec]

1.4 Tracing an image.

Open with the Backdrop tool and trace with the 3pt Arc tool. [5 min 50 sec]

1.5 and 1.6 Opening an existing design, not made in Art and Stitch.

[4 min 58 sec]

1.7.1 Warming up exercise before diving into Part 2. Trace, 3pt Arc tool, Magic Circle, Magic Square, force start and stop. Lots to see.

[7 min 22 sec]

Video tutorials following User Guide Part 1 - Getting Started

Video tutorials following User Guide Part 2 - The Artwork Chapters

2.2 The Reshape tool.

See it all in action, how to Reshape, move anchors, properties of the points, nudge points.

[6 min 24 sec]


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