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Links to videos and tutorials made by others.

If you made a (YouTube) video showing Art and Stitch and want it listed here, send us an email with the link.

Kari Schell

Meander Anything technique in Art and Stitch with showflakes and loops:
Using the circle tool in Art and Stitch to create a quilting design for a basket pattern (tutorial, description and videos):
Kari's website:

Carol Best

Art and Stitch on a Surface Pro 2 tablet:
Review of Wacom graphics tablet (compared to a tablet PC) and how it's used with Art and Stitch:
Carol's website:

Marjorie Busby

Creating an applique design with Art and Stitch:
Digitize Alphabet applique and create cut files with Art and Stitch (Note: new, updated link May 16, 2014):
Marjorie's website (with links to her blogs):

Carla Barrett

Not a video, but a helpful tutorial about tablets:
This first post in a series is written for quilters who want to use a tablet to draw with, design quilts, applique, and whole cloths, digitize in Art and Stitch, or perhaps just like the things I create with tablets and want to learn how to do it, too.
If you are new to tablets, or curious about the things you can create with them, please read this post:
And another wonderful post describing Carla's creative process from idea to quilt designs in Art and Stitch can be found here:

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