Design Software for Longarm Quilters

and Machine Embroiderers

Last version of Art and Stitch BASE

Version 5, build 3498, is the last version of our BASE level:  it contains all features we ever wished to be included in BASE. New functions go exclusively into our top level Art and Stitch PLUS (version 6 and up).

Art and Stitch PLUS combines all features of Art and Stitch BASE and PLUS in one product.

About Art and Stitch BASE


Availability of Art and Stitch BASE

Per January 1, 2021 Art and Stitch BASE is no longer sold separately by us. Art and Stitch PLUS is our latest, greatest product. 


Support of Art and Stitch BASE

Recent builds of Art and Stitch BASE are still supported by us, even if you don't step up to our top level.


If you want to keep up with the latest, greatest, you can step up to Art and Stitch PLUS with a special offer:

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